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As Needed
Comedy, Italian Style
Da non perdere perché è una tenera commedia girata in Toscana dallo stesso sceneggiatore di “Perfect Strangers”.

In this heartfelt all-Tuscan comedy from the writers of Tale of Tales (LIFF15) and Perfect Strangers (LIFF16), Arturo, a talented chef with a troubled past is sentenced to teach a cooking class for young people.

Venice Film Festival award-winner Vinicio Marchioni (20 Cigarettes, LIFF11) stars as Arturo, a 40-year-old world-famous chef with anger management issues. For his community service, he is assigned to run a cooking class at a centre for young people with autism. There he meets youth worker Anna (Festival Guest Valeria Solarino). Among the class is also Guido, (newcomer Luigi Fedele), a 20-year-old who has Asperger’s syndrome and a great passion for cooking. 

After an opportunity arises for Guido to participate in a culinary contest, Arturo is to accompany him as his mentor. In between driving lessons, tense competition and basking in the dazzling Tuscan countryside, a friendship is formed between the pair that will change both their lives.

Graziella Bonacchi Award for Best Emerging Actor, Nastri d’Arento Awards 2018
Australian Premiere
Francesco Falaschi
Vinicio Marchioni, Valeria Solarino, Luigi Fedele, Nicola Siri, Mirko Frezza, Benedetta Porcaroli
Comedy | Brazil, Italy | 2018 | 92 min
Italian with English subtitles
A simple and delicious comedy like a plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce.
Francesco Falaschi

Francesco Falaschi

Francesco Falaschi (born 1961) is an Italian film director and screenwriter. He won the Italian Academy (David di Donatello) award for Best Short Film for Quasi fratelli in 1999. He was nominated for an Italian Academy (David di Donatello) award and a Nastro d’Argento award for Best New Director in 2003 for his feature debut I Am Emma, which starred Marco Giallini and Pierfrancesco Favino. As Needed is his fourth film.

Please note, while the trailer may not include subtitles, the film will be screened with English subtitles.