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The Litas
Bvlgari Short Films

Bvlgari has been synonymous with Cinecittà and Hollywood glamour throughout its 135-year history. From Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra to Sharon Stone in Casino, Bvlgari and its magnificent creations have starred in over 40 films from the Dolce Vita years to today.  Representing the rich history of Bvlgari’s Roman roots, the following two short original films further Bvlgari’s connection to cinema while bringing cultural issues to light in a contemporary way.

Bvlgari has enlisted filmmakers Nina Meredith and Bella Monticelli to create two short films inspired by the resilience of women. Created in collaboration with Tribeca Studios, and premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, both films focus on modern Italian women pursuing professions generally held by men. 


2018, 9 min, Documentary

Bella Monticelli's short documentary about conductor Speranza Scappucci portrays the passion and determination that helped propel Scappucci's success in the male-dominated field of conducting. Conducting a Revolution will screen before selected sessions of Ferrante Fever.


2018, 12 min, Documentary

Nina Meredith's The Litas, follows three women — a police officer, a filmmaker and a motorcycle aficionado — who are members of the Rome branch of the women's motorcycle group of the same name. The Litas will screen before selected sessions of A Woman's Name.

Please note, while the trailer may not include subtitles, the film will be screened with English subtitles.