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The Order of Things
Lights, Drama, Action!
Da non perdere perché in questo film la finzione non è mai stata così vicina alla realtà.

In Andrea Segre’s stylish and absorbing third film, Corrado Rinaldi (Paolo Pierobon, who starred in Segre’s First Snowfall LIFF14) is a high-level official in the Italian Interior Ministry working for a taskforce deployed to control migrant flows. 

The government selects him to face one of the thorns in the side of Europe's borders: illegal trips from Libya to Italy. A tense job becomes even tougher when he breaks a cardinal rule of self-defence for those in his field: never getting to know any migrants, considering them only numbers. During a night patrol in the desert, he meets a young Somali woman, Swada, who is trying to get to her husband in Finland. He gives her something to eat and drink before she resumes her journey. But their destinies are now linked, and Corrado will soon find himself faced with a choice: respect his orders and the law, or save Swada’s life. 

Segre uses cinema to discuss the relationship between Italy and Libya, putting humanity first and trying to redefine the way of thinking about migration. The film deservedly won the Human Rights Film Network Award at the Venice Film Festival and is a compelling festival highlight.

Special Mention - Human Rights Film Network Award, Venice Film Festival 2017
Best Original Story, Nastri d’Argento Awards 2018
Australian Premiere
Andrea Segre
Paolo Pierobon, Valentina Carnelutti, Giuseppe Battiston, Olivier Rabourdin, Yusra Warsama
Drama | Italy, France | 2017 | 112 min
Italian, English and Arabic with English subtitles
Andrea Segre

Andrea Segre

Born in Venice in 1976, Andrea Serge is a filmmaker and documentarian. For over ten years he has been dedicated to researching the topic of migration. His filmmaking often incorporates methods and styles of documentary cinema, working with non-professional actors and shooting on location. His 2011 drama Shun Li and the Poet (LIFF12) earned accolades across the globe, including at the Venice, London and Reykjavik film festivals. 

Please note, while the trailer may not include subtitles, the film will be screened with English subtitles.